Redhound is a friend and unofficial member of The DW's Club .

Some attributes
First Real Name: Unknown
Second Age: Unknown
Third Lives: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Subscribers: 9
Fifth Also Known As: RedhoundHD, Be_the_creaper
Sixth Contacts in The DW's Club: DW


Redhound met Cuonthedirt on his server and they became good friends. After the server ended they lost contact after a while, Dirt met Redhound again on a server (TIMV trouble in mineville) after that they became friends again and Cuonthedirt wanted Redhound to help with the new server he was creating. Of course Dirt being Dirt abandoned the server then started a tekkit server with his clan. Dirt wanted redhound to be in his clan. After half of Dirts clan betrayed him for no absolute reason. Redhound was the only one who supported Cuonthedirt. Redhound became a member of theDDD due to him being in the Dirt's clan.