Minecraft Multieplayer also spelt Minecraft Multeplayer is a Minecraft Multiplayer series that was made by DW.

Minecraft Multieplayer
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First Started: Mar 2013
Second Ended: Ongoing
Third Episodes: 31
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Minecraft Multiplayer started in 2012 with DW and Entorian doing some survival but Entorian didn't know DW was recording. Next time the 2 started another Survival server with Lewis with a already made house this time Entorian knew DW was recording. Entorian was in every episode untill episode 17 when it was just Utimate and DW to be part of the Playing with a Potato Series. For many of DW's Friends this is the only series that are on DW's Channel. 

Thedumbster is now uploading some episodes (but spelled it corectly) on his channel and the UKGP these ussually star UKGP members mainly TheDW11 .


Name episodes
Entorian 1-7, 8 (camio) 9-16 
Lewis 3, 5 (camio)
Danny Finest 4, 6-16, 28 (camio), 29, 30 (camio)
Utimate 17-24
Dirt 25-26, 31-32
Dubbled 25-27
Crispy Gaming 25-27
Carter 31-32


Weavernater 33-


Note: Thumbnail first started at ep 29