Entorian is a writer and voice actor of The DW's Club he is also a member of UKGP

Some attributes
First Reel Name: Unknown (most likely Jade or Rowan)
Second Age: Unknown
Third Lives: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Subscribers: 4
Fifth Also Known as: Rowan, Atmosfear75, Ro, Atmos, Jade Entorian
Sixth Member Since: 2013


 The first youtube appearance of Entorian (that is still public) was in the first episode of DW's Minecraft Multieplayer however he didn't know that DW was recording. He soon became a regular in Minecraft Multieplayer untill episode 17 when it was just Utimate and DW playing. Entorian later on played Rush Team with DW. In 2013 Entorian began the youtube channel and join UKGP.

Work on The DW's Club


"Hello there"

"god damm it"

"feeding a dog a bone" (said when tameing a dog in Minecraft Multieplayer)

"Uhh Dan" (to DW )



His youtube