Dubbled (said Dubble D, but some call him dubbled because of the way it is spelled) is a friend of The DW's Club he mainly plays minecraft but has been known to do other games such as G-mod

Some attributes
First Real Name: Unknown
Second Age: Unknown
Third Lives: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Subscribers: 220+
Fifth Also Known As: Dubbled22
Sixth Contacts in the DW's Club: DW Dirt


Dubbled started Youtube in Aug 2009 his earliest video that is still public is a webcam video in Sep 2010. He did many videos after that but started gaming videos in Jan 2011 with "ur-mum-got-pwnd - Black Ops Game Clip". In 2012 he continued to do random webcam videos as well as starting to play minecraft and in 2013 started to play with Zeoxi. He has many intros and outros, he also made some youtube backgrounds for some people. In a update video he said sorry for not uploading and said that he may do more games such as Amnesia, Terraria, Arma, Saints Row the third, Left for Dead, Ace of spades, Garrys mod, League of Legends, Dota 2, Rayman, Portal 2 and many more. So far he has only done only one of those game which was Garrys mod with DW.

Games on his ChannelEdit



Call of Duty