Demickdans is a Ex-member of The DW's Club. He known not to speek and to help with other wikis.

Some attributes
First Real name: Mick Daniels
Second Age: Unknown
Third Lives: UK
Other attributes
Fourth Subscribers: 2
Fifth Also Know As: Demick, Darklord Demickdans
Sixth Member In: 2013


Demickdans started youtube in 2013 because of DW showing him some videos of famos Youtubers such as UberHaxorNova and the rest of the Creatures. He started to become a big fan and beame a part of there wiki. All of his videos (so far) have been about them or some other Youtubers. His first video was of a bad remix of the slime song from Asgard Advenchers. Mostly now he shows how diffrent intros are.


His youtube